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The future is your edge.

Trade on a different level with a state-of-the-art AI powered by Chaos Theory.

Get ahead of the curve.


Profitable trading requires a high degree of confidence in a setup. This is challenging to achieve when using the same standard tools as everyone else.

Khaos Sight gets you ahead of most traders by providing price forecasts on the 1D and 4H timeframes. This can mean the difference between adding confidence to a successful trade setup or avoid a losing one.

Stop looking for trades.

Let them come to you.

Identifying successful trade setups requires long hours of focus and staring at the charts. That psychological stress often leads to mistakes and loss of opportunities.

Khaos Sight unique AI monitors the 15 min charts 24/7 to give you automated trade alerts, full setup parameters and trade tracking to keep you updated.

Plan every detail of your trades.

With one command.

Responsible trading requires careful calculations to guarantee proper risk management. When trading multiple times per day, it’s easy to make mistakes or simply not being fast enough to catch the desired entry.


The TradePlanner is a bot in the Khaos Sight Discord which instantly performs all calculations required to setup a trade with your account parameters. With a single command, it automatically calculates the position size taking into account risk, fees, interest, leverage and estimated liquidation price.

Forecasts are currently available for the following tokens:



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