Discord Memberships

The Khaos Sight discord server  provides periodic predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum in the 1D and 4H timeframes.

Automated trading calls are also delivered, complete with all necessary parameters to perform the trade. Currently, the Khaos Sight discord server is specialised in scalp opportunities.

Predictions are currently available for the following tokens:



Get ahead of the curve.



Proper trading requires a high degree of confidence in a setup. Khaos Sightprovides a brief window of highly probable outcome which can add confluence to a successful trade or avoid a losing one. Take your trading system to the next level.

Know what to expect.



Predicting financial market behaviour is one of the hardest tasks there is. It is thus crucial to know how much one may expect a prediction to be accurate. Khaos Sight™ provides an expected error to quantify  the expected deviation for each prediction.

Don’t look for trades.

Let them come to you.


No more long hours searching for scalps. Khaos Sight™ predictions are used with an optimised set of indicators to give you the ultimate indicator. The 15 min timeframe charts are constantly monitored to give you automated trade calls while tracking each trade.

All content and information provided by Khaos Sight is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice.

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